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We all have opinions, let me tell you about mine!

Why call this opinions though? If/when I make tutorials, I'll stick those in a specific section. Tutorials and how-to's should be rooted in standards, best practices, and formal processes. These are concrete ideas on achieving the best result. This section of the site will be more of what I think about a topic, which may or may not align with others in the industry, and represents topics on which there may be many more than one correct answer.

And now to keep the legal beagles happy...

These opinions are my own and do not represent the position or practices of anyone I have been or currently am employed for at the moment.

I may discuss a topic and feel differently than the way I'm allowed to implement it at work. I may consider products I've used beyond the scope of my job duties, like something we didn't purchase, or dislike something we did - recommendations and reviews are not official endorsements.

I know these statements seem silly, especially on social media sites, but because your lawyers may not see it that way, many of our employers' lawyers don't want us taking the chance.

You can use the Previous and Next buttons to flip through the articles like a book, or use the topical listings below.

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